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Whether you are a current tenant or just thinking about renting, you owe it to yourself to speak with a local mortgage officer to determine your ability to obtain a mortgage. Your local REALTOR® will help you become a well informed home buyer and when you are ready, will support your home buying decision. Most importantly the cost to explore home ownership is free.

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Homebuyers' Seminar

Do the steps to buying a home seem overwhelming and out of reach in your immediate future? Are you concerned that you have not saved enough money? Are you worried about your credit score and your ability to obtain a mortgage?

To attend a free Homebuyers' Seminar on the entire home buying process, please register below. You will have the opportunity to meet with an experienced local mortgage officer and REALTOR who will be happy to educate you, advise you, and answer all of your questions with no obligation.

Please take this opportunity to educate yourself about all aspects of the home buying process and one day, your dream of becoming a homeowner will be a reality.

We are a leading full service real estate company providing the finest professional real estate services in our community since 1977. Our comprehensive approach to real estate will help you navigate through the complex components of today’s housing market.

We offer buyers the opportunity to learn about the home buying process, mortgages, title insurance, tax credit information, new construction, home warranty information and the top 10 reasons to buy a home. If you prefer, you can register to attend our weekly Home Buyers Seminar.

Our sales associates can provide detailed information and show you any listed property in the Lehigh Valley, whether it is listed with our company or another. Make us your rock solid choice. Click the links below for more information or E-mail Us.

There are never any service fees that many other brokers charge. Many firms charge you a broker’s service fee or a transaction management fee in addition to the compensation that is offered by a seller or cooperative office. We will NEVER charge these additional fees to our valued clients.