Home Selling Tips

Making your home look its best will increase the chances of your home selling

  • The curb appeal of your home is very important. Homebuyers usually drive past a property to decide if it warrants an interior inspection. An inviting exterior will encourage showings on your home. Some tips to enhance the curb appeal would be to trim landscaping, manicure the lawn, and paint the front door. Remove bikes, toys, and newspapers from the walkway, and park extra cars away from the property. The roof and gutters should be in good repair.
  • The inside of your home will be compared to other homes based upon the floor plan and overall condition. Since it isn't possible to alter the floor plan, be sure to pay special attention to the following suggestions to make your home more appealing to buyers.

Prior to offering your home on the market you should

  • Create a spacious feeling by removing all clutter
  • Check all faucets and light bulbs throughout the home
  • Make any necessary repairs
  • Caulk bathroom tubs and shower stalls if necessary
  • Clean the oven and dishwasher
  • Paint rooms that are dark with a neutral off-white color
  • Clean the windows

For all appointments you should make every effort to

  • Vacuum your home
  • Put dishes away
  • Have your closets looking neat and orderly
  • Open all of your drapes and curtains for daytime showings
  • Turn the lights on in each room
  • Put all toys away
  • Turn off the television
  • Play soft music
  • Keep pets out of the way
  • Make sure that pet areas are clean and odor free
  • Do not leave jewelry, cash or prescription medicine out
  • Place fresh flowers or have something cooking or baking for an inviting aroma

While your home is being shown you should

Keep a very low profile - most buyers would prefer that the owner not be present during the showing. They like having the freedom to walk through the home and openly verbalize their feelings to each other. This will also give the buyers the ability to see themselves living in your home and discuss where they would place their furniture. This type of dialogue generally will not occur during the showing if the seller is there. If you are unable to leave, be sure not to tag along while your home is being shown. Stay in the background and make yourself available if there are any questions.